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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer is the time for planning

I deferred entering the program last fall and now I'm starting to think about when it starts THIS fall.  I officially quit my job as a nursery school teacher, a job that I loved, and in this uncertain economic climate going back to school for a teaching license doesn't seem like the best idea.  But it's what I want to do!

The program is one year of coursework plus one semester of student teaching.  During the coursework semesters I will spend at least one day a week in the classroom learning from established teachers.  The orientation meeting isn't until August, so I don't have tons more details than that.  I do know my fall schedule already.  I have three completely full days and two empty ones where we're encouraged to sub in the local district.  Since our local district just fired a whole bunch of teachers I'm guessing it'll be hard to get sub assignments, but we'll see.

Over the last year I took a couple of electives and I volunteered quite a bit at my kids' school (you won't catch me being PTO president anytime soon, let me tell you!).  Over the summer I'll probably just be sharing links to interesting things.  I did find a few good books I want to keep track of, so I'll share those too.

So what would you like to hear about this year?

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