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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mysteries of Financial Aid

When I was an undergrad I never dealt with the financial aid office. Between my parents and my jobs it all got paid for. But now that I'm a grad student with a family, the money thing seems more important. As such, I dutifully filled out my FAFSA and applied for several scholarships. None of the scholarships came through, but I did qualify for a couple of loans.

Since I didn't know tons about the loans and the information on the websites wasn't very detailed, I went into the financial aid office for the first time. I had an appointment, but I still had to wait in line to tell someone that. Then I had to wait to start my appointment because the previous one was running behind. Tip: Don't schedule a financial aid appointment while the university is doing freshman orientation. The waiting was the only bad part. The financial aid person was very helpful and I'm glad I stopped in. He was much more helpful than the government customer service I had to call to ask one more little question about one of the loans.

Wherever you are in your schooling, if you need money for it go talk to your financial aid people. They are there to help and they weren't nearly as scary as I thought they might be.

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