Getting Around

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogging for Grades

My language arts class has a blogging requirement. If you need help falling asleep, you can check out that blog. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


As part of our program we generally have a day or two a week free. At some point it was recommended that we sub, so I went through the training. The first week it took me some time to figure out how the sub calling system worked. Essentially, if you don't take the sub they offer, you're out of luck. There usually aren't enough sub jobs in the system at any one time to get one by calling in yourself. Other subs have told me that they take whatever they're offered and then cancel it if they decide it won't work for them.

This week I had my first-ever sub job. It was in the moderately handicapped special education room at a local high school. The people who work there are angels. They are dealing with a broad range of cognitive and physical disabilities (kids with only physical disabilities are in regular classrooms). These "kids" are adult-sized and can be as old as 21, so they aren't little. The kids themselves are fine, but there's a lot that has to be done for them (many need bathroom help or diapers). While I was there we even took a small field trip that ended with four very tired and cranky teenagers, which made it hard for them to control their own behavior.

I can honestly say that special education probably isn't the place for me. I'm a little sad that I'm not up for that kind of challenge. Even so, I'll probably sub there again.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The first week is over

Wow.  The first week of classes is over.  The first two days were exhausting.  Sitting in class all day is just not my thing regardless of how interested I am.  My hips were sore after day 1 just from all the sitting.  The third day we had some interesting field trips and then the last two days I’ve spent on getting caught up at home and getting started on school work.

On the field trip we started at a local elementary school.  It was weird just walking into rooms to observe for a few minutes.  It’s a small school, so I really felt that we were intrusive even though we were very quiet and the teachers were welcoming.  I got to see a few of my preschool friends though, so that was nice.  They look so grown-up now!

Our second stop was a charity that gives school supplies to teachers for their students who can’t afford them as well as gives teachers materials for their classrooms and for special projects.  I think some of my cohort mates were a little surprised by how much of their own money teachers spend for their students and classrooms.  This charity will be a great resource if I end up in the public schools, where plenty of kids can’t bring in their own school supplies.

Our last stop was at our fabulous local library.  I love the place and spend a lot of time there, so I didn’t really learn anything new.

I’m just glad to have survived.  I don’t think the workload will be too terrible, but only time will tell.

As a bonus I got my e-mail that stated I’m all set to sub at the public schools today.  Hopefully I can do some of that to make up for not having a regular job.