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Saturday, July 16, 2011

StudyBlue: Flashcard Heaven

This summer, as I've been reviewing for the Praxis middle school science test, I've found a need to make flashcards. I'm a bit of a flashcard person, so studying one topic can run to a ton of cards. Figure in all the topics covered on the science exam, and I'd be lugging around a box of cards everywhere I go, making the flashcard concept worthless.

I found StudyBlue, and I'm hooked. Not only can I use it to create online flashcards, but I can access them from my phone. So, when I'm waiting in line somewhere or waiting for one of my kids to do something, I can study. While I'd love to use some of the paid features, the free features are really all I need.

Today I just played with their quiz generation feature. I didn't really write my cards well to take advantage of the quiz, but I will from now on. It's a great way to mentally reframe the cards you've been staring at for awhile.

If you've been using Evernote to study because you've got a fancy flip cover on your iPad (or because you're an Evernote junkie like myself) you can even link the two up. I didn't have anything in Evernote to start with for my flashcards, but it looks like it works pretty well. You can also use it to take notes in class, but I'm still using paper for that.

And no, I'm not getting paid by these people. But boy, and I happy I found them. I think one day I'll be sharing this site with my own students to help them study.

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