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Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Week of Student Teaching

I've survived the first week of student teaching. Whew!

Actually, it's been great, except for the schedule. I leave home at 7:30am and don't come back until 6pm or later. I am with a fantastic cooperating teacher, so I couldn't ask for more in that regard. In fact, I'll be starting to teach lessons next week already, sooner than is required.

There's been a change in the daily schedule to longer school hours this year, so the teachers are working just as hard to find their groove as the kids are. It's hard to change your mental flow of the day when you've been doing it for awhile. Each class must also have 90 minutes of reading instruction each day (new this year), and figuring out ways of filling that time productively before all the routines have set in has been interesting.

The kids are wonderful. We have new kids, faces already familiar to the teachers, kids who just moved here from another country, and kids with interesting backgrounds. Most of them are ready to learn, which makes our jobs easier.

I can already tell this semester will fly by!

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