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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Student Teaching Sniffles

I managed to get a cold that really kicked up Thursday this past week. I know it's common for student teachers and new teachers to get sick, but since I recently worked with the preschool set and I rarely get sick, I was surprised. It was a rough two days until the end of the week, and my cooperating teacher kept telling me it was OK if I needed to take part of a day off since I put in so much time before school started. By my way of thinking, if we expect kids to come to school with colds, I should be there, too. It took some effort to stop scrubbing my hands every time I blew my nose (as we had to do in preschool), though I did go through a ton of hand sanitizer. Ew.

Now that I've done some serious sleeping and some prep for the coming week, I feel much better. But I'm wondering what regular teachers do to get through their tough, I-feel-crummy days.

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