Getting Around

Friday, October 14, 2011

Has it Really Been That Long?

Wow.  It's almost been 2 months since I last posted. I'm not sure how that happened, except to say that working as a student teacher is incredibly time consuming. I knew that it would be, so I'm not surprised, but I'm a little frustrated that I haven't been able to reflect much on the experience as it's been happening.

One big thing that's coming up for me is a change in venue. I'm close to completing my elementary placement and I'll be moving to a middle school math placement for 6 weeks. I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to do this, but I also feel a bit like I'll be missing out on those last 6 weeks of elementary. I would have preferred a full-term placement in elementary and then the shorter one to be done after the winter break, but the university I attend insists that all student teaching-type placements happen in the span of one university semester. It's weird that they won't let me pay them even more money to work my tail off, but there it is.

My cooperating teacher and her students have been extremely gracious. The teacher is already planning to have me back as a sub, so I'll get to see the kids again a few weeks after I leave them. It will be nice, but they won't really be "mine" anymore.

I'm afraid I don't really have any big thoughts right now as I'm extremely tired from an overnight field trip I enjoyed with my students, but I felt as though not writing something before I switch placements would make me angry with myself later.