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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Love My Kindle Fire

I got the Kindle Fire as a gift this holiday season. I already had an older, e-ink Kindle, which I love (especially now that I can borrow books from the library--shaZAM!). I figured this was something I didn't really need. After all, I secretly wanted an iPad, and here I was getting something less useful. Or so I thought.

I have become addicted. I already have a phone running Android, so there wasn't that much new to me. But the screen is just so darn pretty. It won't really work in the sunlight, which is one of the things I loved about my old Kindle, but otherwise it's a pleasure to read. I can turn the brightness way down to where I like it. I can check my mail (although the loaded mail app is nothing to write home about). I can get an app to have my calendar available to me even if I'm offline. And I can get magazines without killing trees.

I do wish it had a camera so I could use Evernote more efficiently, but I can use my phone to take a picture and it shows up in the app just fine. In fact, the Evernote app is so pretty I don't think I'll use it much on my phone anymore.

I also wish that there were more educational apps available. I realize that the education market is skewed toward iPads and iPods so there are many very, very good choices available. Hopefully, some of that will make it to Android tablets.

I also learned how easy it was to install an app that didn't come from Amazon. I felt a little evil doing that, but I read a lot of reviews first to make sure it wouldn't mess up my device.

I can see how I'm going to want this thing with me much of the time, even when I don't have a wireless connection. I guess it's time to find a more tablet-friendly purse!

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