Getting Around

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Achievement Unlocked: Employment (Part-Timer)

So, I've managed to get a job offer, which I've taken. Beggars can't be choosers these days. I'll be teaching math for two periods at a local middle school. This will give me lots of time to really think about how to improve what I'm doing on a daily basis rather than trying to squeeze it in between mad prep/grading sessions. At least that's what I'm hoping.

The school involved has been great so far. While I have no clue about the district's pacing guide yet, I have a couple of welcome e-mails and an offer to go out and get acquainted over iced tea next week. As school starts in two weeks I'm hoping to start planning ASAP, but I'll take what I can get.

There's a small chance I'll get an extra period of remedial reading and I might get to work with the Science Olympiad team, but I'll have to wait a bit to find out about those. Here's hoping!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Job Applications and Interviews

The public school system here has an online job system. It's very handy in the sense that you only have to fill in all the information once and it's ready and waiting for you to submit to each job in which you have an interest. Unfortunately, it doesn't really make you stand out in any way.

So, several friends in the school system have recommended that I walk my resume around to all the schools in the area. That's my plan this week, since it's the week that principals are supposed to be back in their schools full time.

I've had a grand total of two interviews so far, with another one coming up on Monday. I'm trying very hard to take the attitude that the right thing will happen at the right time, but it's easy to feel impatient. The school year begins in 3 weeks, and if I am to have a job for this year I'd like to have at least a little summer prep time. I am also trying to remind myself to be grateful for these interview opportunities. After all, most applicants aren't getting any interviews at all.

I've got all my ducks in a row for subbing this year as well. The Subfinder system comes online in about a week and a half, so I'll have the jump on anyone who hasn't done their universal precautions refresher yet.

Well, back to prepping for Monday's interview. I'm nervous.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

End of Year/Beginning of Summer Crazy

Making "Fossils" in Third Grade Science
The end of the school year was a little crazy. I handed the third graders back to their regular teacher for the last two weeks of school. I missed them, but they really need their teacher back after what was, for them, a very difficult year of many changes.

I took the opportunity to get some personal things taken care of.  All those people in medical waiting rooms right after school lets out?  They're teachers, catching up on the necessary things in life.

I had a couple of job interviews that didn't go anywhere, but it was good to have the experience. I got a very nice note from one school to thank me for my application, but they got 141 of them and they couldn't contact each one of us individually. It was good of them to let me know about the competition. Now I don't feel like I'm banging my head against the wall so much as waiting for someone to pull my CV out of big pot of them. I continue to apply for everything that comes up for which I'm qualified.

Other than that, I'm reading. And doing more reading. At the beginning of summer I wallowed in books for fun and now I'm back to reading teaching books. I love living in a town with a fabulous public library and a university. It makes it easy to support my book addiction. Not to mention that I can now borrow library books on my Kindle!

I am also considering upgrading my math certification from middle school only to secondary. The test doesn't look any harder than the middle school test and actually seems to cover less material. I'm not sure how I'd do in high school (my student teaching was elementary and middle), but all the job postings ask for secondary licensing rather than only middle school. I'm not sure if that has any meaning, though. Thoughts on that?

Now that summer is in full swing I'm considering doing a bit of cleaning-out. I don't get to spend much time at home during the year. I'm noticing it needs a bit of freshening up. Sadly, I am not a decorator. Maybe just whittling down the piles of things a bit will be a big enough change.