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Friday, August 24, 2012

Because Math Wasn't Enough

I got a call last Friday after school from my principal, asking if I'd be willing to add 2 sections of science to my schedule. As I am very part time right now, I told her I'd be thrilled to.

It started yesterday. All of a sudden, I'm clueless again.

I didn't have enough desks the first day, so I sat two kids at the demonstration bench for my largest class. My math class was confused, since we were moved to a science room. There was chaos yesterday, and a thin veneer of order today. I can honestly say that I was as ready as I could be on such short notice and with no after-hours access to the school building.

A huge bonus has been getting my own room. But since I didn't get it before school started, I didn't have anything set up. The previous teacher in the room had left all her stuff, so when I walked in I didn't even have anywhere to put the small number of items I have in the building. The fabulous custodial staff brought me the desk I had been using in my shared room and a chair with working wheels, but it did mean that for a day all my dirty laundry was spread all over the full desk for all to see. I did score a huge collected of shaped sticky notes from the previous teacher, so I can't really be mad at her for leaving me a mess.

I also don't have enough lab stools for everyone and it's unlikely that I'll ever get them. I told the kids that the only way they'd be allowed to sit on a lab stool for labs was if they had a doctor's note saying they had to sit or an x-ray showing me the damage to the lower extremity. I'm not really that mean. I think.

Anyway, it was a busy week. I have lots of thoughts I need to process but I haven't had the time to process them. My weekend will be devoted to reading through the teacher's manual for the science curriculum. A kid asked me today if we'd get to dissect anything, and I had to admit that I didn't know yet. I told her I'd get back to her on Monday. Don't want to break a promise, so off I go.

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