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Monday, August 13, 2012

The First Day of School

I survived the first day of school!  Actually, it was a bit anticlimactic.  I handed the kids name cards (instructions were on the board), a student survey, a welcome letter, my grading policy, and a sign-off sheet they were to take home. I couldn't believe how many of them couldn't follow the direction, "Put your name on the name card." Lesson learned for the future.

Each period of the day was assigned to do some administrative task with the students so that it wouldn't fall to the first few periods to get it done. I think this was a good idea. I had to have them write their names on their student handbooks/planners and then go over the first few pages. That wasn't bad, but it took way longer than I thought it would.

After the kids were dismissed, several of them left papers around. I can see we'll need a procedure for that.

The other period I work as a floater, going to all the math classes to see who needs help. It only took a few minutes to introduce myself to each class, and then I stayed in the room I share to see how the other teacher did his first day. It was pretty much just like mine, only he got stuck with going over more pages in the handbook than I did.

I warned the kids I didn't plan on doing that much talking all year. They looked doubtful.

My biggest challenge right now is getting technology to work. The IT people are swamped, and I can't log in.  While I'm sure the secretaries don't love me for doing paper attendance, I think it's better than driving the IT folks crazy with repeated phone calls from random phones since I don't have a phone number yet where they can reach me when they have time.  One of the building's tech coordinators has a call in, but I told her not to make a big deal about it until some of the rush of the first few days of school is past. I'm not being a pushover here, just trying not to be someone's PITA teacher.

Everyone has been very helpful and supportive even though I'm only part time. I love my school so far.

We have pictures tomorrow.  Does anyone else do pictures that early in the year?

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