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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finally Got the Year's First Cold

I went to bed very early the last two nights because I was wiped. Now I'm up in the wee hours of the morning because I feel yucky and can't sleep. I sort of blame the parents of the poor kid who kept coming to school over the last week an a half even though he was too miserable to keep his head up for long stretches. I gave him hand sanitizer or sent him to the bathroom to wash his hands after each big, gross, nose-blowing episode, but it just wasn't enough. I even sent him to the nurse one day when he said his head hurt so much he couldn't see the board. He sits in front.  She kept him for most of the period, which is unusual.

I realize that we can't all stay home with our kids when they're sick, so I'm only kidding when I blame the parents. But now I'll probably get a bunch of other kids sick because I'm all over the building and I can't see taking time off.  I will be drugged to the max to get through the days until this cold passes, making me less than fabulous in my time with my students. This guy's poor parents are probably frustrated that they can't keep him home for whatever reason. I can't imagine anyone willingly sending such a pathetic creature to school, day after day.

So, if your kid is sick and you CAN stay home, DO. They aren't learning when they're that sick and passing illness around makes it harder on everyone to learn in the following weeks. While I believe my subjects are important, there is nothing so earth-shattering going on that we can't make up later.

To my little sick friend, take care. We can be miserable together on Monday. I'll bring the hot tea.

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