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Saturday, October 27, 2012


I just scored a used netbook cart*. Woot! So, now what? It takes FOREVER for the things to log anyone on, but it's probably no longer than getting everyone to the computer labs on the other side of the building and settled. I have tons of ideas, and I'm probably freer in my math classes than I am in my science classes to incorporate/abuse technology.

So, if a netbook cart fell into your classroom, what would you do with it? Where would you start?

The interwebs are full of advice articles on how to use technology, but I'd rather hear it from the people who have actually tried things.

*It's not really mine permanently. Technically, it belongs to the science department and so they can come use it any time without a reservation (though they'd ask first, because they are darned nice people). I am the newest teacher and therefore have the quirkiest room. One of its quirks is that, unlike all the other lab rooms, it only has one wall taken up by cabinets. That leaves me with wall space. I generously offered to store the netbook cart on behalf of the department since I haven't really seen anyone using it and I have more space. Voila! I can haz netbooks! Having access to the resources of two departments is the bomb, I must say.


  1. I make online modules at home using and have the students complete the activities in class. Oftentimes, I use the modules to re-teach key concepts as a form of remediation for students that come in for after school tutoring. The things that the students love in the modules are the animated video shorts I make to help them remember key concepts.
    Let me know how it goes!
    Cindy Rosa (

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  2. That's a great idea! I have Educreations on my school iPad, but I've been a little chicken to try it. I'm about to ask permission to let my students bring in their own earphones so I can use things with noise on the computers.

    How do you make your own animated video shorts? Or are you talking about your Educreations modules?