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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sub Seating Charts

In my classes the interpersonal dynamics are very fluid. I also get new students regularly and without warning. Because of this, I change the seating charts frequently.

And therein lies the making-more-work-for-myself problem.

We have to keep our sub plans, including seating charts, in the office in case something befalls us unexpectedly. I'm killing trees each time I change seats. And I have to remember to replace the old ones with new ones each time.

Here's my brainstorm: seats for sub days!

This last seating change we did is now the sub seating chart. I told the kids that if I have a sub, they are to go to these seats instead of whatever the current seating plan is. I'm going to post it on the wall so they have a reference after our next seating change. I can pencil in new students as soon as they show up.

I feel like a genius. Yeah, it doesn't take much!

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  1. Those ah-ha moments do feel great! I had one the other day and was working on something similar. My students' desks are in "tables" of 4 or 5. I wanted to assign seats heterogeneously so I started groupings using MAPs data. I was half way through arranging the seat assignments for one class when I realized that I should use the MAP Geometry RIT scores instead of the overall RIT score. We're in Geometry right now, so DUH!