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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mental Shift in Planning

I will be out Monday and Tuesday of next week.  One of the other math teachers will be covering my math classes and a sub will cover my science classes.  The math teacher has young children, and you never know when someone will be sick, so I provided backup plans.

Usually, when we use technology, we have a backup plan in case the technology fails us.  In this case, the technology IS my backup plan.  Is that even sane?  Not sure.  It's definitely a shift for me.  I have an innate love of gadgety things and tools for students to use and I am ever-hopeful that things go off without a hitch.  I know they don't, so I plan for it.  Now, I'm doing it backwards.

There is a backup to the backup, but it's boring.  I hope the sub doesn't have to go there.

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