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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Writing Two-Step Equations

One of our standards is writing two-step equations, but we don't seem to have any of that in our textbooks. Why is that? Is it because our books are Common Core but we haven't fully switched yet? I checked the textbooks both two years behind and ahead of where my students are supposed to be, but no lesson on writing equations.

I found a long lesson online that had a good progression of equations in it, including writing them. There will be a constructed response question that requires equation writing on our state standardized test, so it's not something I can skip.

I found writing equations and inequalities to be really stressful when I was in middle school. I don't think I ever got over my disorganized thinking about it. Even simple equation writing has me making a bunch of stream-of-consciousness scribbles until I get something that looks right. Then I test it to be sure. I watch those videos of very smart people underlining something in the problem and then circling some other thing and then somehow making an equation out of it. I'm a frickin' math teacher, for heaven's sake, and *I* find writing equations confusing. How to show my middle school friends?

If you have a really fantastic resource for teaching kids how to write two-step equations, please drop me a comment. I'll be doing this probably on Friday. Thanks!


  1. There is a great song at for two step equations:) It was a hit here in the SOUTH. "....Do the two-step ya'll...."