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Monday, February 25, 2013

Science Olympiad Regionals Results

I just have to brag on our kids a little bit. I am the assistant coach for our school's Science Olympiad team. This past weekend we went to the regional competition and did extremely well. Across our two teams we medaled in every event. Our A team medaled 18 times and our B team medaled 16 times out of 23 events. We go to the state competition in a few weeks.

I can't really take any credit for this success because I'm only learning the ropes this year. The coach is amazing and the kids are incredible. We can only field one team for state, so cutting half the team was extremely difficult. Luckily, the state competition will be held nearby and we expect a lot of our extra team members to come cheer on those who are competing.

If you are interested in starting a Science Olympiad group at your school, go read the information at the Science Olympiad website. There's almost too much information. Keep in mind that you DON'T have to buy all the recommended videos and kits in order to be competitive. You really need motivated kids, supportive parents, and perhaps a good PTO to help you pay for a bus to competition.


  1. I'm a first time sponsor of Science Olympiad. Our competition is next week. The "club" has been inconsistent so my teammate and I are attempting to resurrect it. We had no background and learned we definitely could have used more adult support. We're newbies at it and our goal was to have the students do most of the work so we never thought to solicit parents. Well, I've learned this is definitely something that requires a lot of parent involvement. We discovered too late that much of the building needs to be done at home because we don't have tools and materials readily available. Wish us luck!!!!!

  2. I hope you did well! Sorry I didn't see this comment until now--for some reason Blogger keeps emailing me about silly stuff but not about comments!

    We had several parents who volunteered to be event coaches. While most of them had experience in those areas, a few just helped students organize notes and research for the study events. Every little bit helps.

    We ended up placing 5th in the state competition, which got us a trophy. The kids were disappointed, but we coaches were quite pleased with their placement. The competition was really tough and we did not have the financial resources of the two teams who will go on to the national competition. But we're OK with that because of how much the kids learn.