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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Bombed the Test

We recently had a test over percents. It did not go well. I tried multiple ways of teaching and practicing over the unit to engage everyone. I really don't know what went wrong, but I spent a few hours this weekend coming up with a study guide and review packet. Because I was already behind some of the other teachers, kids will have to spend some time working on this on their own.

One of the other teachers had extremely good results from his classes. His teaching style is very different from mine, but it really seemed to work for his students this time around. I use his worksheets as homework frequently because they are effective, but since several parents have complained to me about not following along with the book (their kids lose the worksheets) I've tried to use the book whenever possible. Our book is common core and we haven't switched standards yet, so I can't pull much out of the book at times. I wonder if switching back and forth was part of the problem.

We also had part of the state standardized test toward the end of the unit, making those class periods very short. But it still gave me over two periods for review. I knew some of them weren't getting it, but I thought more of them were. Ugh. I've had a lot of very disruptive periods during this unit. I'm not sure there's a single factor I could point to, but I feel terrible for my students.

All I can do is try to do better next time.


  1. Don't feel bad! This happens to us all! And, Percents is always my students roughest chapter. This happened to my last month. I took about 10 minutes during the next class and sat with the students who did the worst. I asked them what happened and how I could have helped them. They had great ideas. We ended up designing a foldable together. It helped so much! When I retested them they did much better. Sometimes the material is so easy for me I don't even see what is giving them trouble. Asking them post test really helped!

  2. Great idea! Part of my frustration is how fast we have to move. I feel like we didn't get enough practice. As I write this comment, I have several kids who retook the test a second time and STILL didn't do well despite help from me and an interventionist.

    I guess it's a good opportunity to try new things, since the old ones aren't working!