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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer PD

I'm sure everyone is planning or starting their summer PD.  Just for fun, here's my list:

1. PLC training.  This training is a local linkup of a training going on elsewhere.  Since I'm new to the district and I haven't had formal PLC training yet, I thought this would be good for me to do.  Several of my colleagues will be at this training with me, so I won't be alone.

2. Creative Computing Online Workshop.  This workshop is 6 weeks of creative computing activities run asynchronously with the organizers.  It is free, and I'm pretty sure you can join late even though it started yesterday.  They are using Scratch as the programming language, which is pretty easy to pick up.  I also like that I can do this on my own time, when I have time.

3. ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology.  This course covers several of our physics standards.  It's paid for by a grant, and while I will eat some of the cost because I have to travel more than halfway across the country, I think it will be fun and worth it.

In addition to all this, I need to finish my capstone project for my master's.  And clean the house.

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