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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Digital Notebooks for CMP3

CMP3 suggests that students keep a notebook. I think this is a great idea, and I use notebooks in science, but I have a few of problems with notebooks in math. They are:

  1. We do homework in math, so students need access to their notebooks in order to do homework
  2. If I let students take their notebooks home, many of the notebooks won't ever return
  3. We do our homework digitally on iPads, so using a paper notebook seems more work for me
On the other hand, I have a few issues with digital notebooks:
  1. Students learn better with paper and pencil
  2. Organizing without being able to flip pages is a pain
  3. How on earth would you grade that? We use Notability for our notebooks, so it's not something they can share with me
At the CMP3 training the instructor suggested having students work on large pieces of paper or big whiteboards. At the end of the lesson, students would write on a piece of notebook paper what they felt was the best method for them of solving the day's problem was and that became their notes for the day. She had them take that home and do the homework on the back. Then, once checked, the notes/homework paper went in the binder notebooks. She graded on whether everything was there and complete in addition to checking homework in every day.

Right now I'm thinking I will have students recopy into their digital notebook so that they have the information for homework. I would mostly be grading their notebooks on how much they did during class based on what they wrote in their notebooks. They could use the notebooks at the document camera during the summary part of the lesson to show work rather than poster paper, which I can't afford anyway.

I have no idea if this will work or if it's too cumbersome. Students sometimes kept a notebook in class in the past, but everyday I'd find notes on the floor because someone took them on paper (I required note-taking) and then left them because they didn't care.

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